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The Voice features a brand new karaoke app from StarMaker

There are numerous individuals out there watching the famous TV show ‘The Voice’ thinking that they could sing better than the contestants. Now, Apple offers them this chance. The company has released a new application called ‘The Voice on Stage’ and it allows people all over the world to show off and rate their singing skills.

The app was created and developed by StarMaker, a San Francisco – based startup. Jeff Daniel, the CEO of the company has recently explained how the app works. Basically, this new app is very simple. After turning it on, all you have to do is to select a favorite song from a list and start singing your lungs out. The accuracy and precision of your singing will be scored by the app. Moreover, the app has an auto – tune feature that you can turn on while singing. The Voice On Stage is pretty similar to the karaoke app promoted by StarMaker. The only difference is The Voice theme. So, during the song, the interface of the app displays the judges backwards. If your singing is good, the judges will turn their chairs. So, it has the same format as the show.

Furthermore, ‘The Voice on Stage’ also comes with a social component. For example, you can contact other players and collaborate on various songs. If you want, you can also compete against them. When your singing is over, you are able to share the recording on social network sites like Twitter or Facebook. Getting the application costs nothing. Still, the initial app comes with very few songs to choose from. In order to have the full library, you must pay $1.99 per week and you can even get a discount if your subscription is prolonged.

Some might think that it’s somewhat strange to sing into your iPad or iPhone. There is no need to worry for that because the company offers you the chance to purchase a special Philips dock so as to have a real microphone. The Voice on Stage is engaging and fun. The most interesting fact is that The Voice made a deal with an obscure startup. In addition, StarMaker also signed a deal with American Idol and has released a similar karaoke app. Daniel says that they talked to Talpa Media Holdings, the company that owns The Voice, and tried to convince them that the app is going to make the television show more authentic. It was not an easy task and the proof is that The Voice has refused to have an iPhone application until now. Smule is another startup that supports karaoke apps and has recently included Glee songs.

Daniel also said that the partnership must grow and go further. For instance, the app might become a reliable feeding group for the actual show. This means that the show could pick its winners from the app. Whether this will happen or not, it remains to see. StarMaker has had its share of success even before this partnership. It features 35 million recordings and 4 million applications installs.