ShopIgniter executive says mobile is vital to social efforts

A ShopIgnter executive said during a Luxury Interactive conference in 2012 that there are many marketers who are still reticent when it comes to embracing the mobile world. Nevertheless, since more and more brands have started to expand into the social space, it is essential for them to make a further step into the business area.

Likewise, during the “Leveraging Social Media- Optimizing Your Presence Across Platform” meeting, the executives have discussed about the huge role played by the social platforms in the luxury industry. It is certain that the social and the mobile world complement each other; thus, it is highly advisable for marketers to take advantage of this and combine the two channels in order to attain consumer engagement.

In addition, the senior director of marketing from ShopIgniter, Mr. Marko Mueliner, said that they have already acknowledged the importance of making the mobile-social connection. He argued that mobile becomes important when one does things on the social platform and he desires to add them on the mobile. He also said that transactions will change completely and that distributed commerce will be a common activity.

What is more, social is an essential medium, mainly for the luxury industry and marketers have started to use Facebook and Twitter to advertise their products more frequently than ever. Likewise, most companies are not only using these channels for promotional ads. They are starting conversations, adding photos and effectuate several other activities on platforms such as Pinterest and Instgram. They have become an important piece in their marketing strategies.

Furthermore, Felicia Yukich, the marketing manager at Four Seasons Canada, stated that if you intend to sell something which is experimental, you need to make use of very rich content. She added that they use social channels to get to the people through socializing sites and that it has been a fantastic driver for them.

Nevertheless, it is important for marketers to consider the negative aspects as well. For example, Ms. Yukich said that negative social media can be an opportunity to turn things around and make a difference. She says that when a consumer notices that his questions are answered and the company is willing to fix his problems, he is most probably going to appreciate more that enterprise. Likewise, social media is a fabulous way to attract new consumers, as well as engage the loyal ones.

Moreover, through the social media consumers have the possibility to find out more information. Matt Edelman, who is the CEO of said that social plays a very important role in any marketing strategy these days. He states that there are a lot of things that can happen on a social platform and that the conversation can be lead towards any type of brands that are participating. For instance, there are many such as Kate Spade, Diane von Furstenberg or Helmut Lang, who are leading such discussions and are constantly communicating with their clients. Rich content is the place where all of this is heading to. Hence, now it’s the best time to value good content.