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PunchTab goes mobile: free giveaways on its debut

PunchTab is a relatively new reward and loyalty social platform which has recently backed by 45.25 million in funding and is planning to expand its current platform to the mobile world. So far, the company had mainly focused on permitting different agencies and businesses to run their campaigns on the social web pages, which is a feature that enabled it to stand out among all the other similar platforms that use mainly Facebook and Twitter.

PunchTab collaborates with Pinterests, Google+, Instgram, SoundCloud and Foursquare, offering its users many more possibilities of advertising. And now, the startup is releasing a new app for iPhone, called “PunchTab Giveaways” which permits users to engage with the publishers in contests by using their personal phone.

In addition, PunchTab is constantly looking for different ways of bringing something new to the consumer. For instance, this year in May it was workings with eBay and Arby’s on select campaigns. Since then, the company’s popularity increased, managing to reach more than 1,000 giveaways each month for all sorts of brands, including famous names, such as AT&T, Nokia, the Green Day music band and many others. This way, fans were encouraged to try out new things, such as listening tracks on SoundCloud, uploading photos, checking in at venues in Foursquare, and they did all these things hoping to win tickets and merchandise. Currently, PunchTab includes a total of 12,000 loyalty programs and registered 1,045 giveaways only in September. Likewise, it collaborates with over 30 agencies and has many enterprise customers.

However, the founder of PunchTab, RanjithKumaran stated that they mainly receive feedback and early news from publishers and bands, when they desire to connect with users and their fans through the mobile world. This fact is true and was proven mainly through the contests organized on Facebook. Also, in response to this concern, the company is now launching a special iPhone application, which is expected to be very well received. Through this new PunchTab application, the consumers will be given access to all running campaigns, all the giveaway contests and all the other features the startup has to offer. Likewise, it will support the famous Facebook “likes”, it will offer the possibility to invite friends and many more. At its launch, the app will present 100 giveaways, some of them really interesting and quite big. For instance, the prizes include Android tablets and Lytro cameras.

Finally, the application itself is elementary, and this is obviously a positive thing. Entering the contest will be much easier and you will be able to perform various actions, just by clicking on a few buttons. This is exactly the kind of thing that is going to appeal greatly to the crowds, especially to those who enjoy surfing on Swagbucks. Still, using an application that is not related is many ways to Facebook, may feel a little different, but it is a new challenge and once you get used to it, you will surely love it. Those who are interested in the new PunchTab app for the iPhone have also the possibility to download it from iTunes.